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discover Ireland’s literary heartland
as north Kerry takes to the stage…

THE NORTH KERRY COAST, rising from the Atlantic in the west before rolling along and into the wide Shannon – Ireland’s largest river, in the east, is home to some of the most stunning and varied seascapes. From the mountainous backdrop of Banna’s vast and long strand, the rugged cliffs of Bromore, to the wide panoramas of Ballyheigue beach or the serene beauty of the Nun’s Strand.

the adventure begins here…

 A PLACE OF WILD CONTRASTS; between lush green rural hills and towering rugged cliffs jutting into the breaking Atlantic surf, where the skies are endless and the horizons glorious. Around this part of the country it’s hard to escape the wild Atlantic but if you must, you’ll experience the rolling hills of north Kerry – a landscape that inspired some of Ireland’s greatest writers.

 Our beaches you’ll find unspoiled, untouched but for the wild touch of the elements; rugged, awe-inspiring and peaceful, places with past tales coloured in history and legend, timeless places.


WHICHEVER WAY you wish to first encounter and experience the North Kerry coast, there’s the means to make it just as enchanting, or indeed exhilarating, as you wish. You can take a leisurely guided tour along its cliffs and beaches, finding out along the way it’s fascinating stories and history.

Like wise you can take a pony trek along the blissful serenity that is the Shannon Estuary. If it’s a closer embrace with its wilder side you seek you could take to the Atlantic surf breaks or, for a truly unique glimpse at this coastline; it’s secret coves, it’s towering stacks, arches and caves, you can take a paddle board and discover more about this wild place.


BEACH-LOGO-3Abladies beach local view

After taking to the walking trails, surf board or kayak and feeling a little muscle weary you’ll find a family run seaweed baths just on the entrance road to the Ladies beach. Long in existence before the notion of a seaweed dip even became fashionable, at these baths, it can be said, you’re in expert hands. What’s more, at just twenty euros, you’ll get all those relaxing and exfoliating benefits at a fraction of the price.


BEACH-LOGO-B1long strand local view

Angling enthusiasts are spoiled for choice in seeking out rich fishing marks along the Long strand, a stretch of water with good stocks of plaice and flounder while sea bass caught here are now rivalling the Irish national record. Indeed one local angler recently landed twenty bass – each weighing over ten pounds – from the same spot on this very beach. Having visited the long strand the angling blogger and Discovery Channel presenter Henry Gilbey found the fishing here to be ‘off the scale awesome’.


BEACH-LOGO-C1nun’s beach local view

Befitting of such a magical place is the mythology that survive today of the Nun’s beach and its surroundings. With names such as the Nine Daughter’s Hole, the Old Jail and Virgin Rock it’s a place where legends abound. The Nine Daughters Hole, a large and fearsome blowhole in the cliffs just south of the Nun’s Beach, is said to have gotten its name from the tale of an ancient chieftain, who upon learning that his nine daughters planned to elope with Vikings, threw each of his daughters to their deaths down the blowhole.


BEACH-LOGO-Dbeale strand local view

When walking or pony trekking down Beale strand take a glance out onto the water, if you’re timing’s right you might be lucky enough to witness a shoal of dolphins moving down the estuary. The Shannon estuary – which flows along Beale strand – is now home to Ireland’s largest shoal of bottle nosed dolphins so if you’re in pursuit of a dolphin sighting this is as good a place as any. Also, as this side of the estuary is laid out in sand banks that create channels into which the dolphins swim through sightings can tend to come close to the shore.