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On the trail of cliff foxes, falcons and dolphins along our coastline

Away from the surf, the links, and the kayaks there is another side to north Kerry’s coast, one of a rich local ecosystem which thrives on land and in water, in this, an unspoilt environment, one which the people of north Kerry take pride in preserving.

Located at the meeting point of the Shannon river and the Atlantic the north Kerry coast is host to Ireland’s largest shoal of bottle nosed dolphins. Schools of these dolphins can be seen from both the beach shore and cliff walks as they travel down the estuary. And, if you’re timing’s right, basking sharks can be seen feeding just off the coast.

Another curious creature that calls this coast home is the cliff dwelling fox, which can be seen scurrying the sheer cliff faces of Bromore, in such spectacular surroundings, this truly is a sight to behold.

Around the Bromore cliffs and along the coast enthusiasts should find many great sightings of he local wildlife including sea otters and seals, and, if you venture out at low tides, maybe some seal pups too.

North Kerry is teeming with bird life too, one particular highlight of which are the resident peregrine falcons that can be seen along the coast, having set up nests for its young on the cliff faces. The peregrine falcon’s diving stoop is a spectacular sight, reaching great heights before then plunging fast towards its prey – faster than any other animal on earth in fact.

From a natural perspective, the estuary is the most important coastal wetland site in the country -supporting over 50,000 waterfowl including internationally renowned numbers of Godwit, Black-tailed Dunlin, and Redshank, among many other species.


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