North Kerry is a place famous for its culture, home to the occasional genius, the often creative, the always daring. Listowel, its largest town, and the surrounding North Kerry countryside has given the world some Irish literary giants. For an area of its size the literary talent spawned locally is a thing to astound – so much so that Listowel today has become warmly known as the literary capital of Ireland.

The words and feelings expressed by the likes of John B Keane, Bryan McMahon, George Fitzmaurice – along with all the other North Kerry writers – vividly emboldens what it means to be Irish and what it means to live, and endure the human condition here in Ireland. In North Kerry and her people you’ll see just this spirit as has been captured by its writers, warm and beguiling, bashful to the sadder side of life.

North Kerry, from its rural rolling countryside to its rugged cliffs, emanates a rich culture, in song, dance and the written word, and in its theatres you’ll witness it in all its glory, local songs and music, local stories told and played out by local people with a natural bent for all that’s creative.


Titled the literary capital of Ireland, Listowel has long been renowned for its abundance of literary genius. Writers such as John B Keane, Bryan MacMahon, George Fitzmaurice, Brendan Kennelly and Maurice Walsh; writers whose work has adorned stages in Broadway…. and all over the world.

Now, with the opening of two new literary-themed walks you can follow in their footsteps, see for yourself the places and people that inspired their great works. To keep you company on your way will be a local guide, well versed in excerpts, anecdotes and insights into the lives and works of our greatest writers. For further information contact the Seanchai Literary Centre.



Meet North Kerry’s greatest writers

Gain fresh insight into the north Kerry writers at the Seanchai Literary Centre. In an audio visual feast you’ll be taken through the works of five world renowned writers – John B Keane, Bryan MacMahon, George Fitzmaurice, Maurice Walsh and Brendan Kennelly. read more…


Where Irish dance skips a heartbeat

A bold mix of Irish song and dance – with a North Kerry twist – is on the menu at The Tintean Theatre for this forthcoming season. For theatre fans there will be a local production of , ‘The American Wake’ which will run early next year. read more…


Where Irish drama finds its home

This November John B Keane’s ‘The Matchmaker’ returns to St John’s Theatre. The production of one of Keane’s most endearing works will be played by a local drama company in what promises to be one of the most anticipated theatre events of the year. read more…