tarbert bridewell

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Experience 19th century justice at the Tarbert Bridewell Jail & Museum

Experience a spine-chilling recreation of 19th century justice when visiting the Tarbert Bridewell jail and museum. Originally built in 1831 the Bridewell served as a jail and courthouse for 100 years, during which some harsh punishments were served up for even those accused of menial crimes.
For this grisly insight into the workings of an intolerent judical regime you’ll meet the accused Thomas Dillon, share his anguish as he awaits his trial and judgement. Along the way you’ll experience the same conditions the unfortunate accused did in the courtroom, and prison cells.

Tarbert House…host to Churchill, Franklin and Bronte

Also well worth a visiting is Tarbert House, Queen Anne/Georgian period building dating from 1690, and today, still preserved in its original form with decoration and furniture of that period. The house hosted many well known names of 20th century politics and literature including Sir Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, Daniel O’Connell, Lord Kitchener, Charlotte Bronte and Jonathan Swift.

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