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relics of the age of clan wars and conquests, discover more about our rich history


The Route of the Kings

Archaeological wonders of our past unearthed

Ecotrek Tours, an Eco Tourism Ireland certified tour company can offer visitors to the north Kerry coast a unique and local insight into what sets north Kerry apart. Not only is the Ecotrek eco tour experience a two wheel tour of the scenic highlights of our coastline, you’ll also see the archaeological wonders of our past unearthed – the historic sites and monuments of ancient Irish rulers. All in all a truly Irish experience and celebration of the magic, both historic and mythical of both our coast and our countryside.

On this tour, titled the Route of the Kings, your local guide will help you retrace the steps of the ancient kings of the O’Connor clan, rulers of the kingdom of Kerry over a thousand years ago,  you’ll hear how the clan once built a fleet of ships right in the heart of the north Kerry countryside before heaving them on wheels all the way down to the banks of Lough Lein in Killarney for an almighty battle.

You’ll visit the strongholds of their power skirting the spectacular north Kerry coastline and countryside. In all you’ll see the best north Kerry’s coast has to offer, including scenery, history and mythology.

Allow up to five hours for tour duration. For further information go to


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