cashen circuit tour

relics of the age of clan wars and conquests, discover more about our rich history


The Cashen Circuit

Discovering North Kerry’s natural and historical heritage

This Ecotrek tour is as much about exploring north Kerry’s natural heritage as its historical and mythological legacies. Cycling along the wide and slow moving Cashen River you will get a chance to observe the natural protected habitats of a wide range of wildlife in a serene setting.

Our next port of call is the North Kerry Heritage Museum where exhibits range right from the dawn of time, here you will be able to see dinosaur eggs, trilobyte fossils and megladon shark teeth. There are plenty other artifacts to be found here, right from prehistoric times to modern times, it’s all at the North Kerry Museum. Here too you will learn about famous figures from Irish history, figures who fought for Ireland’s independence from British rule.

Then it is on to see the Rattoo Round Tower, the  only complete Round Tower in Kerry, which dates back to the sixth century. The round tower is almost a uniquely Irish structure,  and, despite centuries of research the purpose of these structures remains a mystery to historians.  While most towers of this type in Ireland lay in ruins the structure that stands at Rattoo today remains one of Ireland’s largest and best preserved round towers.

Then, with the Atlantic horizon to your left, the mighty Shannon Estuary up ahead  and miles of sky in between you’ll take the cycle back into Ballybunion, along with your local guide, stopping at both historical and natural points of interest on the way home.

Allow up to five hours for tour duration. For further information go to


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