bromore cliffs tour

relics of the age of clan wars and conquests, discover more about our rich history


The Bromore Cliffs

Dolphin watching, the cliff fox and the search for a lost island.

Bromore Cliffs rise spectacularly from the Atlantic, a myriad of sea stacks, sea arches and caves are found here with names such as The Last Steps and The Devil’s Castle.

The history of Bromore Cliffs stretches back thousands of years, a history manifested in forts, ring forts right up to the ship wreck sites that dot its coastline today.

In Cill Stoheen (Church of the Waves) stand the last remnants of a lost island, chartered on old maps as enchanted ground. Tradition even tells of The Last Steps as the grisly setting for punishment and sacrifice. Then there is the Pigs Jump, just one of the waterfalls that rise up to 180ft above the wild Atlantic waves below.

The cliffs thrive with all manner of flora and fauna including a family of cliff face dwelling foxes, and Peregrine falcons ,who can be seen on the Devil’s Castle, while out in the water resides dolphins  and sea otters. Seals and seal pups can also be seen on the rocky shores during low tide.


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