cliff walk


This walk will take you through some stunning coastal scenery, along the way you’ll be able to see dramatic cliff faces, beaches, blow holes, sea stacks and the highlight of the walk, the beautiful and secluded sea cove that is known locally as the Nun’s Beach. Depending on how long you want to make the route, it can take between 30 and 90 minutes to cover.


Though the guide books will tell you to start on the Men’s Beach in Ballybunion you can make this walk short or take an extended route. In taking the longer route many will start at the mouth of the Cashen River which can be reached by car or on foot. You can get there by going straight on from the Golf Course until you reach a car park. From the car park walk down the stepped exit and turn right. Walk on for a few minutes until you reach the beach, from here you turn right where the beach will take you directly on to the Men’s Beach.

CAUTION: Make sure to check tide times when taking this extended route.


Once you’ve reached the Men’s Beach you’ll see before you a cliff with the ruins of a castle perched on top. If the tide allows, continue on past this cliff to what is known locally as the Ladies Beach. Alternatively, use the access road which leads to a path that traverses the cliff and leads down again to the Ladies Beach.


From the Ladies Beach walk up towards the access road for this beach, continue on this road uphill until, on your left you’ll find steps, climb the steps until you reach a pathway, this path will lead you along the cliff top until you reach the Nun’s Beach.




To walk, or cycle north Kerry is to get a true taste of the best the Wild Atlantic Way has to offer, stunning scenery, dramatic seascapes, wild terrain, all in all a truly elemental and unforgettable experience.

On a north Kerry trail you’ll meet a crossroads, a convergence between rural and wild Atlantic, between towering limestone cliffs and the lush green hills of north Kerry. You’ll trek where some of Ireland’s greatest writers were inspired, if you’re lucky you’ll get a glint of what makes this part of Ireland a little more…