historic sites


North Kerry is rich in history and heritage, a land alive in mythology and legend. It’s landscape is scored in the stories of kingdom’s rising and falling; a thousand clan clashes, and the spoils and scars of conquests won and lost.

Here in north Kerry you’ll find a microcosm of the Irish story, from the seats of power of ancient Celtic kings, the testaments to burgeoning Christianity, the towering bastions of medieval power right through to the struggle for independence in more modern times.

For the keen or casual historian the only question regarding north Kerry is where to visit first. No matter what historical period it is, this land awaits with a treasure trove of past relics, right from the ogham stones and ring forts of ancient pagan times to the castles, churches and monasteries of medieval times.



Want to see what makes north Kerry different ? Let our local guides colour our rugged coastline with tales of genius, kings of the world in battle, smugglers and a whole lot more.

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