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The keys to the Kingdom: guided tours of North Kerry

get the local insight into our rich heritage

To walk, or cycle north Kerry is to get a true taste of the best the Wild Atlantic Way has to offer, stunning scenery, dramatic seascapes, wild terrain, all in all a truly elemental and unforgettable experience.

On a north Kerry trail you’ll meet a crossroads, a convergence between rural and wild Atlantic, between towering limestone cliffs and the lush green hills of north Kerry. You’ll trek where some of Ireland’s greatest writers were inspired, if you’re lucky you’ll get a glint of what makes this part of Ireland a little different.

In north Kerry you can walk millennia in just a mile, a coastline and rural hinterland coloured with history, painted in the past with ring forts, oghlam stones, monasteries and many castles.

The terrain of north Kerry – for the walker or cyclist – is rugged, can be hilly in parts but usually in gently undulating and approachable for all grades of trekkers. Your only decision is when to catch it: at its elemental and bracing wildest in the colder months or in the more easy going spring and summer months.


From seascapes to rolling hills,
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